Hayley Brown Interiors

There is no fee or obligation for an initial consultation. Hayley will meet with you to discuss the possibilities and the likely costs. She will take a complete brief on this occasion interviewing you extensively on your requirements and tastes. She will also measure your space and take digital photographs for reference.

If you decide to proceed, Hayley will offer you multiple solutions for your space all of which will fit the brief. This empowers you to choose the aesthetic and the function that you see working best for you. This method also involves you fully in the design process and develops confidence in the layout that is selected.

If you are only offered one 'ideal' layout, how will you actually know that it is the best solution? There are often many options and variations possible and allowing you to choose creates a more 'unique' space.

The finished plans are then offered for 'tender' to your choice of manufacturers. This process is advantageous to the client as it gives you greater freedom and control over your project. Hayley will assist you with this process if required. If you have a joiner of your own, she will work with them to complete the project.